A little imagination makes dreams come true... 
A little imagination makes dreams come true... 

 Serendipity  Such a beautiful word describing  the occurrence of events by chance.  

This is the page that allows me to share my slightly whimsical thoughts with you...beyond the door of The Flower Hut, inspired by nature, real people and the adventures of a happy florist. 

Well I’m sitting here pencil in hand, poised ready & waiting to update my Serendipity page . . .  
it says I’m allowed to share my slightly whimsical thoughts with you, so here goes.  
I generally find myself chatting about weddings, how lucky I am to meet such lovely people and blessed to be able to work with beautiful flowers to create beautiful arrangements for beautiful weddings, but not today. Today I am sitting in my gorgeous home, which is under offer to be sold. It won’t be ours for much longer. I’m watching the birds balancing on the tree as they devour the nuts, I’m noticing the dormant plants, the clematis nicely covering our fence, the honeysuckle mingling with the blackberry bush, the flowering cherry and apple trees, all of which we have lovingly planted to make our home more at one with nature! But will I see these bloom again, the soft scattering of the pink clematis, the heady scent of the honeysuckle and the soft and gentle apple blossom bringing back memories to me of my dear Dad. 
I believe in fate, it definitely played a large part in us acquiring this house and I remain convinced that it will play its hand in our next one. As I write I am waiting to hear if the offer we made will be accepted on a house we are keen to make our new home. Backing onto fields it offers us the opportunity to delight in nature’s ever changing palette. Even on our first meeting, as we excitedly cast our eyes over every corner on a wet and grey January morning a pheasant was waiting on the lawn, maybe to welcome us. 
This house offers the space for The Flower Hut to have a new work space, I think the gypsy in me might be going to rear its creative side, forming a new welcoming space for meeting lovely brides, sitting and chatting with them whilst we enjoy tea and homemade treats, and allowing the flowery love to unfold. So this Serendipity offering is really all about FATE – verb – be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way...One of my favourite one liners is “there’s no point in believing in fate if when it comes down to it you suddenly don’t” 
I also think that fate plays a hand in the people we meet. A lovely young man just happened to be knocking on my brother’s front door (which also happened to be my front door) nearly 34 years ago, and now he is the best florist assistant I could dream of, a very good chauffeur and not a bad husband either… 
Maybe somebody reading my ramblings also believes in fate, and our collective flowery journey is just about to begin, I for one am looking forward to it. 
Any thoughts, then please E-mail at info@theoriginalflowerhut.co.uk as I would love to hear from you.  

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